Booking an apartment

Upon concluding the booking agreement, the customer must pay a booking fee of €5,000. Payment of the booking fee ensures booking of an apartment for up to 4 weeks until the conclusion of the contract under the law of obligations. The booking fee is calculated in the apartment price.

Contract under the law of obligations

A notarised sales contract under the law of obligations will be concluded with the client, establishing all the details of the transaction. A precondition for the contract under the law of obligations is the payment of 15% of the value of the transaction of purchase and sale by the buyer.

Real right contract

Once the building has been completed, a notarised real right contract will be concluded, the buyer will pay the outstanding part of the purchase and sale price, and the ownership of the apartment will be transferred.

Contract price includes

  • Complete readiness of the apartment according to the project documentation
  • Data communication readiness
  • 5-year warranty

Contract price does not include

  • Parking space, storage unit
  • Notary fees and sate fee related to concluding the sales contract (paid by the buyer)
  • Subscription fees for data communication, cable TV, telephone and surveillance

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