Technical description of the buildings


The outside walls are insulated and covered with boarding, the façade is covered with boards according to the architectural design. The façade uses different decorative elements to bring character to the building. 


The walls of the building are built of blocks. The walls between apartments are also made of blocks. All interior walls of the apartments are built of 240mm hollow-core slabs in order to ensure sound-proofness, the block are then plastered and painted. The walls of the shoots are built of blocks that are plastered and painted from the apartment side. The interior walls of the apartments are built as gypsum plate walls on metal structure, which are then plastered and painted.

Inserted ceilings are made of assembled hollow-core slabs panels with step sound insulation and concrete levelling.

The roof and roof terraces are insulated flat roofs covered with sheeting.


The hallway has an elevator. The ceiling of the last floor of the hallway features a smoke extraction hatch with access ladder. 

The storage rooms are located on the floors. 

Energy efficiency

The building is of energy class A.


The building has PVC-framed windows. The windows have triple glass package. Each room has at least one window that can be opened to ventilation position. Windows for access to the balcony/terrace can be opened by rotation. 

The upper surface of the terrace access windows on the second floor are 130 mm above the ones in the next wall.

Terraces and balconies

The apartments on the first floor will have terraces without railing that rest on the ground. The apartments on the second floor have terraces that rest on the roof ceiling of the first floor.  All apartments have a balcony. The railings of the balconies and terraces of upper floors are railings   that match the architectural solution.

Hatched ladders are installed on balconies for emergency exit.

Heating and ventilation

The heating source of the apartment buildings is the district heating network that supplies the building with heating and hot water. The heat carrier in the apartments is the under-floor water heating.

All apartments have an apartment-based heat exchange forced ventilation, kitchen hood ventilation is organised through the equipment.

Electrical installation and lighting

Indoor cabling of the building is made, switches and outlets are installed according to the layout of the apartment.

CAT6 data communication cabling is installed considering that the buyer of the apartment will subscribe to a service. Central phone lock system are installed in the apartments for opening the front door.

Power ends are installed to the places where lighting fixtures can be installed.


The walls and ceilings of the living rooms are painted, the walls of the bathrooms are tiled and/or painted according to the architectural project. Veneer parquet is used for finishing the floors of residential rooms, housekeeping rooms and hallways. Ceramic tiles are used to cover the floors of the toilets and bathrooms.

*The developer reserves the right to replace the described materials and equipment with equal or better.

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